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We are proud to have partnered with two outstanding local studios, Southtown Yoga Loft and The Pilates Suite Southtown, to help us provide the highest quality yoga and pilates classes and instruction to our climbers.

Southtown Yoga Loft @ Armadillo Boulders Class Descriptions

Kids Yoga

A fun mix of music and yoga postures with child-oriented themes including the alphabet, animals, and the natural environment. Engages the young mind and body, teaching children healthy lifestyle habits as they grow. Appropriate for ages 4-9.

Family Flow

An all-level fun flow designed for children and their parents to experience the basics of yoga at an introductory level.  Improve balance, breathing, and mind-body connection in a series of playful poses and movement for the whole family with mindful play options for little ones who may need a break from the flow.

Beginners Yoga

For those interested in learning the foundations of yoga and its benefits, this class offers the basics in an approachable way to understand postures, proper alignment, strength and balance. No flexibility necessary, just interest and an open mind.

Intro to Ashtanga

For those interested in a strong yoga experience, Intro to Ashtanga offers students the opportunity to explore sun salutations, standing and seated postures, backbends, and inversions, opening the body and building strength by focusing on breath and deep core within a set sequence of postures.  All experience levels are encouraged to attend.


Beginning with sun salutations and vinyasa to wake and warm the body, this combination class builds toward a Yin-centered closing with longer-held postures, deep breathing, and meditation.  Perfect for athletes, the opening and calming nature of Yin yoga not only opens tight muscles, but improves joint health, circulation, range of movement and is an excellent tool to manage stress and anxiety.  

All Level Vinyasa

This flow offers fresh challenge in every practice with creative sequencing and transitions that build strength, balance, flexibility and focus.  All levels welcome.

Pilates Mat class descriptions coming soon.

We are looking to add more classes and occasional workshops. Let us know what classes you are looking for!