Our SUMMER STOKE COMP SERIES will be a month long, individual competition series that will run throughout the month of August. Climbers will accumulate points each week as they attempt each new set of problems during our regular routesetting rotation. The series will culminate in a Finals Event at our Birthday Bash on September 7th, with a finals round featuring the top climbers from each category.

Start Date: August 1st

Last Day to Climb: August 31st

Cost: $10 for entire series

Finals: Saturday September 7th at 6 PM


  • Problems will be assigned point values based on their difficulty.

  • Scorecards will be available for each new wall set (ex. Manana Wall will have its own scorecard, Dancer Wall will have it’s own scorecard, etc)

  • You only get one chance to complete your scorecard for an individual wall; Scorecards for each wall will be available for two weeks after setting, or until August 31st for walls reset later in the month

  • You must have one witness sign your scorecard to verify you completed the problem

  • Flashes will be worth extra points, but must also be witness verified

  • Your top three problems each week will be added to your cumulative score

  • Climbers will choose the category they want to compete in. AB reserves the right to category bump if we feel someone is clearly in the wrong category.

    Categories are:

    Riverwalk (v0-v2) - Casual and leisurely with fun at every turn

    Fiesta Texas (v3-v5) -Lots of fun with a roller coaster of thrills

    The Alamo (v5 and up) - Better be ready to stand and fight for this one!