Meet the Dillos


Michael Cano, CFA

Owner & General Manager

Michael Cano is a seasoned financial professional with over 13 years banking experience. As a former college athlete and captain of University of Oklahoma’s 2002 Men’s Final Four basketball team, physical activity has always been part of his life, whether organized team sports or individual. Michael’s addiction to rock climbing is attributed to the challenging, humbling, and motivating nature of the sport.

Michael is animated, energetic, and full of ideas and enthusiasm. Being a father of two, Michael is deeply driven to support youth and offer them a space to find the same growth and freedom to play as he did. “Youth need an outlet; they have to find something to do with their energy and be able to develop their skills and ego. They need to learn to succeed through failure; I think the gym will provide that.”


Joe Kreidel,

Owner & Head Routesetter

Joe is a San Antonio native and a passionate lover of the outdoors, helping those around him lead healthy active lifestyles, and has been a hardcore climber for twenty years. He has travelled widely with his wife, Kerry and their three children to climb, hike, camp and meet adventure wherever they can find it and as often as possible. He has always been inspired by those who really enjoy their lives beginning to end, who live out their passions throughout their entire lives—whatever they may be. As a young teenager he remembers weekly YMCA basketball games organized by a man named Joe Ward who, in his seventies, was still as passionate as ever when it came to the sport he loved. It was something that impressed Joe and inspired him to make time for his own interests throughout his life.

While climbing drew him in for a number of reasons, one of which is how it brings a wide variety of people together. “One of the things I’ve always loved about climbing is that one day I would go out with a sixty-five-year-old and the next day I’d go out with a high school kid. And the older climbers would mentor the younger climbers, sharing their love of the sport, adventure and the outdoors and passing along a very rewarding lifestyle.”

On weekends you can find Joe and his family exploring local state parks, floating on the rivers, or at the Pearl Market.