Turn Your World Upside Down: A Yoga Inversion Workshop Series

with Molly Badger

Build better inversions or try getting upside down for the first time in this three-part workshop series for all-levels with Molly as we explore the world of headstands, handstands & arm balances.  No matter where you are in your current practice, there’s opportunity to discover new skills and understanding to improve strength, balance and body awareness. Inversions are powerhouse poses that not only build physical strength but improve circulation, boost immunity and mood, and offer a new perspective— literally and figuratively!  

Throughout each 90-minute session we’ll break down the components of individual poses, focusing on joint stability and total body integration as key principles of defying gravity— register below today, spaces are limited!

Workshop Dates

February 24th - Headstands

March 24th - Arm Balances including the Crows, Pincha Mayurasana and more

April 28th - Handstands



Individual Sessions

$20 per session Non-members

$15 per session Members

As a Series

$45 Non-Members

$35 Members