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First time to Armadillo Boulders? First time climbing?

No problem! We want to help you understand what to expect on your first visit.

First things first, all visitors - whether climbing or merely spectating - are required to sign a liability waiver to enter the facility. Visit an iPad waiver station near our front door or fill out your liability waiver HERE to get to the fun faster!  Once your waiver is signed, our friendly front desk staff will get you checked in.

Next up is a great pair of shoes-- you're welcome to bring your own or rent a pair of our comfortable Butora shoes. Once you've strapped up, you'll be ready for a facility orientation. 

An Armadillo staff member will give you a tour of the gym, share our offerings and amenities and answer any questions you might have. Our general safety rules will be covered in this orientation as well to ensure safe use of our facility by all our visitors.

Lastly you will be given a brief bouldering orientation that will include bouldering rules, climbing safety, downclimbing, proper falling technique, and an explanation of our color grading system. Once your bouldering orientation is complete you are free to climb, use the fitness area, climbing-training area and yoga studio. Please remember to follow safety rules at all times and ask our staff if you have any questions or concerns.