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Over the month of June we will be hosting the Climbalytics El Cap Challenge, and challenging you to climb Yosemite’s El Capitan inside Armadillo Boulders! Using a digital tracker worn on your wrist, RFID tags on the start and finish holds of all our boulder problems, and the Climblytics app, all your climbs can be tracked and recorded digitally. Information will be recorded on attempts, sends, grades, and total feet climbed, allowing you to measure your progress against the biggest objective in climbing - El Cap.

The Climbalytics app is free and available for download, and use of the trackers will cost $10 for the month ($7 if you register before June 1st!).

More detailed instructions on how to use the tracker and app will be available at the gym.

Download the Climbalytics App

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Register for El Cap Challenge - 100 spots available