Conquer Your Color

Our Conquer Your Color classes are intended for climbers looking to improve and broaden their climbing skills. Classes focus on a different ‘Color’ each week relating to our monochromatic grading scale.

‘Green’ class will focus on problems in the vB-v1 range

‘Red’ in the v0-v2 range

‘Blue’ in the v1-v3 range

‘Orange’ in the v2-v4 range

Every class will pair you with climbers around the same ability level as you, as our instructors teach you techniques and strategies to climb more difficult and complex boulder problems, helping you break through to the next level in your climbing.

Cost for Conquer Your Color classes is $5 for Members & $10 for Non-members (also must purchase a day pass). Book your registration by paying $5 online today. Non-members will pay the additional $5 the day of the class.

scale orange.JPG